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The photographs on this site are contained in two galleries: a black and white and a colour gallery. 

The black and white photographs mostly reflect my early interest in landscapes as shown in exhibitions in 2019 and 2020. 

Further development of my photography has been conducted in colour, influenced by what I have named "imaginative viewing". The idea is to create images that reflect the early stages of perception, before the scene is fully organised along familiar lines. A resulting disorganisation or vagueness in the imagery contains the possibility for the viewer of seeing differently what otherwise would be habitual or taken for granted. I have also noticed that this approach facilitates the expression of feelings in respect  of the resulting images.


In effect a clarifying sharpness has been sacrificed for a liberating softness in the imagery.


I'm interested in whether these photographs do indeed lead to imaginative viewing. 

A selection of both black and white and colour photographs will be exhibited in May 2024. More details to be provided in the near future.


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